Warning for India – Heed the Cracking of the Larsen C Ice Shelf

1In a mental landscape increasingly dominated by the ephemeral nature of ‘Breaking News’, Larsen C exemplifies a global warming trait difficult to get our heads around.

In West Antarctica, a huge ice shelf called Larsen C has developed a rift 175 kilometres half-a-kilometre and long wide. A chunk of the shelf is poised to break off soon.

Sprawled over 48,600 sq. km, Larsen C is a little larger than Haryana. The rift in Larsen C has been growing, in recent weeks by several kilometres at a time.

The mammoth iceberg-to-be– let’s call it ‘Goa Plus’– is currently attached to Larsen C by 20 kilometres of ice. In 1995, a large chunk of Larsen B broke off and B itself disintegrated spectacularly over a 35-day period in 2002.